Firepower Prayer

From the daily meditations with ADONAI through LINDA LEMKIN

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Sunday, 24th October, 1982.                                                   JERUSALEM,ISRAEL

“TELL MY CHILDREN that I Love them very much. I want to stop their crying and wipe their tears and hold them close.

MORE WILL COME TO ME THAN EVER BEFORE IN THE GENERATION TO COME, for they are not happy with what they see and they will NOT be fooled. LOVE, My precious LOVE, is an UNIVERSAL FREEDOM that needs to be GIVEN, for they are hungry and thirty LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

REMEMBER that there is MORE to PRAYERS. Prayer can feed and water and release the MIND to go on, bringing LOVE to your PRAYER by releasing some of the LOVE you have for YAHWEH, Your Father, YESHUA, the Son, through the teaching of the RUACH haKODESH. HOW WELL ARE YOU LISTENING WHEN YOU PRAY?
Even though I already know your hearts and your Willingness to SERVE ME, BE NOT AFRAID, but BE BOLD! In your stand, people will HEAR you and RESPOND for I AM going to put the RIGHT WORDS into your mouth.”
1) 1 SAMUEL 7:4-17.                                    2) JOB 24:4.
3) MICAH 5:2,3.                                            4) HABAKKUK 1:4.
5) 1 TIMOTHY 1:8,12-14.                            6) PSALM 88:4.

“TELL THE WORLD: ~ No more can I WAIT on them. I want ACTIONS ~ NOT JUST WORDS. And I want UNITY IN PRAYER LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Complete the preparations. Sustain the Battle. RELEASE the Victory. Knuckle down to Prayer~ Good at preparing Prayer but once received Sustaining Prayer for every day is weak when it should be strong.

DO NOT ever forget the COMMUNICATION LINE that I have given you, because of the action you are in, because it might not always be MY WAY ~ for MY WAYS are NOT always your ways. But they can be!!!

In a NEW WAY, if you do not limit Me, I can be EVERYTHING to every body, every day for the rest of their lives, and I will show the people through the children just how REAL it can be and HOW SIMPLE IT IS, ASK and you shall RECEIVE, BUT YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO HEAR ME & PEOPLE FORGET TO LISTEN AFTER THEY HAVE ASKED ME.”
7) ISAIAH 54:8,11,12.
9) 1 JOHN 4:8.

“How well are you LISTENING when you PRAY?
LISTENING is a KEY ~ so start doing it more, for I want more Words of Wisdom to come out from your mouths and NOT eagerness to be ‘known’, like a child. WHEN you REST IN ME MORE, I can work Mightier in you. You have not arrived at the next step that I have planned for you. DO NOT FORGET how short the TIME is for MY Master Plan to be put into effect in EACH of My People’s lives, BUT, how can I TRUST them if they do NOT do the LITTLE THINGS FIRST? I am refining you in my refining fire.”
10) MICAH 4:8.
11) HEBREWS 4:8.
12) 2 CORINTHIANS 5:22.
13) GALATIANS 5:22-23.

“Do not forget to WALK IN THE LIGHT, My LIGHT.”
Tuesday, 9th July, 1991.                                            OATLEY,N.S.W, AUSTRALIA.

We seem to be one way or another ~ FAITH. The UNSEEN ~ stepping out! To what can be, and the FAITH that we “see” along the way of everyday life; the LITTLE THINGS that God does to let us know HE is REAL. How can one get together the Faith we KNOW with the FAITH to COME, for we NEED BOTH? Without the everyday to remind us that YAHWEH is REAL and WELL and ROAMING this EARTH in those who BELIEVE, we are not complete. We could never come to the UNSEEN FAITH that MOVES MOUNTAINS, where we TRUST and OBEY YAHWEH FULLY to step out and be willing to try and walk and learn to walk a path that ABRAHAM Walked. When to come together in Life’s pathway, with God as the CENTER, we should be able to realize the difference we bring, and put ELOHIM as the center, then our weaknesses and our strengths put together make LIVING RELATIONSHIPS.

When our actions and relationships wear down our God-Center what do we do?

“Well, My Child, you have to go back to where you BELIEVED TOGETHER, as a start.~
1) WHOM do you TRUST?
2) Do you
BELIEVE that ADONAI IS IN US, stepping out NOW?
3) If so, then WHAT is stopping One of you being
WILLING to see how far you can go?
4) a) WHAT do you have NOW?
b) WHAT do you want to come?
c) Is what you are doing the WILL of GOD for your life, or the person that you live with?
5) Do you TRUST that person? Why or Why Not?
I will come to you in the LAND of the LIVING WORD in a new release, as you are WILLING to BELIEVE that I AM SENDING YOU. How did Abraham GO, with everything done or told to him? Or did he have to TRUST GOD to be WITH HIM all THE WAY, which meant that he would have to call upon God each step of THE WAY, becoming so dependant upon God for Everything?
What has happened to us TODAY, that we BELIEVE or RECEIVE when we aught to step out big or release the LITTLE STEPS of our life or VISION?
One can, but the other stands still. Where is the balance needed for the one that stands still?
What and Why??????
And then How would you do it otherwise?
What do you SEE?
In your eyes, what do you BELIEVE HOW and WHEN and WHERE would there be a RELEASE, coming together with those who do their parts? For if you do NOT prepare your part, you will NOT be ready to take it to others, so UNITY CAN BRING THE POWER of RELEASE in the next step of life’s heart’s desire to SERVE GOD, MY WAY and not man’s way.
I AM a LITTLE LAMB. When do you allow the SHEPHERD take your hand in the UNSEEN? Or are you one who just likes what you have seen or are seeing now? Because the UNKNOWN brings a TRUST in the SHEPHERD that takes your SEEING AWAY, so that what is left is the VOICE of the SHEPHERD. Do you KNOW the Small, Inner, Voice that leads you through the darkness?
Have you been BUILDING a DAILY RELATIONSHIP with YAHWEH, so you will KNOW the small, inner VOICE INSIDE YOU?
I AM WHOM I SAY I AM; Whom do you serve? Whom do you BELIEVE, GOD or man? How does that relate to you personally? What is YOUR PART? Have you kept learning, or are you standing still, or living just on what you have learned? Because your small, Inner Voice is not as clear as what it once was, or are you NEW and just learning, how do you RECOGNIZE this small, Inner Voice?
RELATIONSHIP is the KEY. Who do YOU have a RELATIONSHIP with? What FRUIT are you HARVESTING: are you a LONER, even if you have a ‘partner’? If so, then why were you stronger in your FAITH when you were single: now you are with someone, where has that strength gone?”

This reference is to the Word received from the Lord on 24th October, 1982.

Finding the CORE SPIRIT ~~~ Relationships:

WHOLENESS OF FAMILY was my dream: working together under One God.

Not to be the Rock Family where the coldness of life/ REJECTION, wants to leave God out of a person because of the hurts of the life experienced.


How can I achieve all this? By stopping the old patterns of turn-off and letting the WORDS OF GOD become REAL in your EVERY DAY LIFE.

Give your hurts to God.
Put His WORD into your heart.
Let the WORD of GOD turn your Rock-Heart into the soft heart that gives LIGHT.
LOVE one another.