Firepower Prayer

From the daily meditations with ADONAI through LINDA LEMKIN

Author: Linda Lemkin

Linda Lemkin was married to Phillip Lemkin on 20th August,1982 in Sydney, Australia, where her father was born in Melbourne, Victoria in 1903. As the mother of two sons and two daughters they now have 14 grandchildren and recently 2 more great-grandchildren, making six in all. Linda’s mother, Olivia Lloyd, an inspired artist for over seven decades has painted and drawn all the visions and dreams that the Lord has given to Linda, including the cover painting for this book.Linda has lived in the Santa Cruz area of California for most of her life, but her heritage goes all the way back to Jamestown, Virginia from 1621. Two of her ancestors were in the House of Burgess and two earlier ones are in the FOXXES Book of Martyrs.